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Friday, 22 May 2020

Kandla airport ready to start air service

Gandhidham, Ta. 22: The Central Government has announced to resume air services from May 25 after gradually resuming railway operations in the fourth phase of lockdown. Under this, Kandla Airport is equipped to operate the airline with all precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to official sources, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced the launch of Spice Jet flight from Kandla Airport to Mumbai at 2 pm and True Jet flight from Kandla Ahmedabad. Two airlines have been approved in the current phase.

In the second phase, Air India's 'Kandla-Ahmedabad-Nashik flight' arriving at 11 am is likely to be approved. All arrangements have been made by the airport administration to prevent the transmission of Corona virus as per the instructions of the Central Government. At the departure the three 'tourists cannot use the middle chair in the chair to sit.' A hands-free sanitizer has also been installed.

The health of all the tourists will be checked before departure. As well as' even on arrival 'tourists have been rounded up to maintain social distance.' Tourists who have luggage will be given luggage in stages. There will also be screening. Thus, after coming from Mumbai by road and rail, now people will also come from Mumbai by air.


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Stay home and protect the country from the Corona virus , We will continue to provide you with the necessary information about the Corona virus.
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