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Friday, 29 May 2020

India lags behind the country in the world's top 10 corona-infested list - Learn more

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in India has crossed 1 lakh 65 thousand. India has now become the 9th country in the world to be affected by the virus. At the same time, the death toll in India is higher than in China. Data from state governments and Johns Hopkins University in the United States show this. According to Johns Hopkins University's online real-time telly, 84,106 cases of corona virus have been reported in China, while 1,65,799 cases have been reported in India, double that of China.

More deaths in India than in China The virus has killed 4,638 people in China and 4,706 in India so far, according to the report. The first case of corona virus was reported in China in December last year, after which the virus spread all over the world. The virus has infected more than 59 million people worldwide. The virus has killed more than 3.5 million people worldwide. But there have been very few cases in China in the last few days.

America ranks first in the world in the number of most infected cases. The total number of cases here has crossed 17 lakh. At the same time, more cases of infection from India have been reported in Brazil, Russia, Britain, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

 In addition, Turkey is the 10th most affected country in the world, while China is ranked 14th. China is followed by Peru and Canada. If we talk about death statistics, America is also at the top. More than one lakh people have fallen victim to the virus here.

India ranks 13th in terms of deaths The United States has the second highest number of deaths in Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, Germany and Iran. India ranks 13th in this regard. Canada is 11th and the Netherlands is 12th. This month has seen the biggest increase in cases in India since the fourth phase of the lockdown was eased and special trains and air travel began.

India has carried out a nationwide lockdown since March 25, which was earlier imposed for 21 days. But because of the fear of the virus, it continued to grow. The country is now in the fourth phase of lockdown. Which will run until May 31.

The highest number of cases in Maharashtra The decision to impose more lockdowns in the country will be taken soon. Union Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba has held meetings with municipal commissioners and district magistrates of the 13 most affected cities in the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. With 1024 new cases arriving in Delhi in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases has risen to 16,281. The death toll in the capital has reached 316. This is the first time so many cases have been reported in Delhi. Maharashtra is the most affected state.

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The country is also fighting against the corona and we also have to participate in it so if you stay at home the corona virus will not spread

In the time of epidemic, all are together. Get rid of this corona wire and stay at home. Avoid corona and the government will follow this rule. 

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