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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Hurricane Amphan made the airport a river - heavy leaves also flew away - see scenes of devastation

Cyclone Amphan has caused blackouts in West Bengal and Orissa in India. There have been 12 deaths so far in West Bengal as well as heavy damage. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. At the same time, thousands of trees have been uprooted. Cyclone Amphan Nihwao has not spared Calcutta Airport either. Cyclone Amphan, which has been the most devastating storm of the last two spectators so far, entered West Bengal from Bangladesh on Wednesday evening.

West Bengal: A portion of Kolkata Airport flooded in wake of .
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Calcutta Airport is back in the river. The entire airport complex has been flooded due to heavy rains following the hurricane. The wind was blowing at a speed of 185 kmph in and around Calcutta. The storm has had a devastating effect on Calcutta Airport. Where massive airplanes are floating in the water.
The speed of the hurricane was so high that the huge roof of a school in Howrah was blown away. A resident of Calcutta shared the video on Twitter. In which one can estimate how dangerous this hurricane is.

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