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Friday, 29 May 2020

Hika storm threatens to hit Gujarat on this date amid Corona epidemic - terror in these areas

The entire country is currently battling the Koro epidemic. In the midst of such a time, even nature seems to be going against mankind. Gujarat is now in the midst of a hurricane crisis amid the Koro epidemic that has spread across the country. According to the information received, Hurricane Hika is forecast to make landfall in Dwarka, Okha and Morbi in Gujarat on June 4 and 5. The hurricane is expected to make landfall in Kandla and surrounding areas of Kutch and move towards Rajasthan.

The first hurricane was to make landfall in Oman. But due to the deep depression created in the last four days in the Arabian Sea, the storm is now moving towards the state of Gujarat by air. Experts are saying that if the storm hits Gujarat, winds of up to 120 kmph could blow. And this can lead to a very dangerous situation.

Signal number one has been set up at the port in the Porbandar sea in view of the impact of Hurricane Hika. As a precautionary measure, fishermen have been advised not to plow the sea due to low pressure in the Arabian Sea.

Not long ago a terrible hurricane was also born from the Bay of Bengal. The name of the hurricane was "Amphn". Preparations for the evacuation of millions of people were made by the government with the onset of the hurricane. And when the hurricane hit Orissa and West Bengal, there was a terrible situation.

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