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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Find out why Bollywood villains are sending thousands of families back to their homeland. -Said this big reason

On the one hand, the whole country is fighting against Corona at home, and while every Bollywood actor is doing timepass sitting at home, Sonu Sud, who plays the role of a big villain of Bollywood, is working day and night to send thousands of workers back home.

Playing the role of a villain in the film world, he is doing a better job than any other Bollywood actor in the real world, no superhero or player could come to his aid in such a difficult time but this person who is considered a villain in films has become a star of millions of Indians today.

"It's around May 15," says Sonu Sud. I was delivering packets of fruit and food to the tourists. He then said that he was going to Karnataka and Bihar on foot. Hearing this, I wondered how these people would go on foot with children and elders. I told them to stay for two days and I would arrange for you to be taken home. ”

Thus Sonu Sood, a film actor and producer, started sending tourists home. 2 days Sonu took police approval in Karnataka, Bihar and Maharashtra and for the first time sent 350 people back to their hometown of UP. "I kept working and the numbers kept growing," Sonu said.

Previously worked 10 hours for this. Now working 20 hours. My phone starts ringing from 6 o'clock in the morning. My entire staff, friend Niti Goyal is also accompanying me. Try not to leave anyone behind. "

Sonu keeps an eye on her Twitter account. Sonu said, "Every day we send 1000-1200 people to UP, Bihar, Telangana and Karnataka." Why did they send them home in the name of help? Sonu said, "When I saw these people walking, I thought that these children would grow up with memories that their father was beaten by the police on the way."

The elders of the family died on the way. I am trying to improve the memories of these children. When I came to Mumbai from Moga, I did not even have a reservation. There was no money. I thought these people were going home in a worse condition than I was. ”

Speaking of Sonu Sud, he is a resident of Moga district of Punjab. He himself has been a professional engineer. The mother was a professor. He taught poor children morning and evening. Father Shaktisagar ran a clothing showroom, which Sonu runs today with the help of staff. Sonu says that the passion of helping others in the family was such that the parents kept saying that only helping the poor should be considered a success.

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