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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Feelings of indignation among the citizens of Bhuj against the negligence of the coronated doctor girl

At a time when lockdown 2 is being strictly observed in Kutch, Koro's infected doctor came to Bhuj without waiting for the result of the report in Mumbai. People said that carelessness would not be too much to put a brake on public life, which was barely relaxed with relaxation.

While the district had to wait for 15 days for the green zone to be declared, a doctor treating corona patients in Mumbai had undergone a home quarantine in Bhuj four days ago.

Bhuj came from Mumbai without waiting for the result of Corona virus test report. The positive report of Corona coming from Mumbai has dashed the hopes of turning the district into a green zone again.

After coming to Bhuj, it was learned that the girl had visited some places and people who came in contact with her were shocked. At the same time, there is a fear of an increase in positive cases. In addition, for the last six days, life in Bhuj, which had been barely falling apart, was back to normal, but again, the difficulties faced by the doctor against the positive case have increased.

"If more cases are registered, strict action by the system will lead to resumption of business and panic among the traders," said a leading trader. Therefore, there is a demand for the system to become more vigilant in the near future.


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