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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Daughter Whale's sea is called work- take some time and read it once

A new teacher of 30 to 32 years was recruited in a school. The school was for girls only. The teacher was very beautiful in appearance but he was not married yet. All the girls were walking around. And asking the same question, "Madam, why aren't you married yet?" You're so beautiful that anyone would say yes to you! ”

The school girls used to ask this question to the teacher, then once the teacher called all the girls and said, “A woman had 5 daughters but no son. So her husband was very upset with her. By the grace of God, the woman became pregnant again, so her husband said that if the child to come will also be a girl? So I will not accept that I will leave him on the road. ”

It is also said that "God does everything He does". The woman gave birth to a baby girl once again, so her husband got angry with the girl and put the girl in a road chowk a little way in the village. But it is said that the woman "Ma te ma" kept praying to God for the safety of the girl all night. In the morning, her husband goes to the square but the girl stays there. This went on for four to five days. Every day the girl's father passes by and the girl falls there.

Eventually, the brother, tired of understanding God's will, took the girl back as his daughter. After a while the woman became pregnant again, and this time God gave birth to a son according to His will. But at the same time, after the birth of his son, his eldest daughter died. Then the woman had three more sons, and this time the same thing happened, as the sons were born, the daughters died one after the other.

Now the woman has 4 sons and only 1 daughter. And that daughter was that a few years ago her same father had also put her in a chowk a little away from the village. And this daughter did not want to accept herself. In time, the woman, the mother of 4 sons and 1 daughter, died. And now the house has 4 sons and 1 daughter. As time went on, everyone grew up.

Then the teacher says to all the girls, "Do you know who the girl was who survived? It was me." And I'm not married because my dad is old now, and he can't work at all right now. So the whole house is running on my earnings right now. And right now I'm taking care of my dad.

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The only reason is that none of my 4 brothers have time for their father today. As the sons came to understand, they went into their world, and eventually all my brothers left their father in their place and fell to their feet. ”

At the same time, he says, "Dad is sad today and tells me that I gave you so much trouble to get a son. I am ashamed of this idea and this work." No one can come to the conclusion that a daughter is a daughter. The son may leave the parents but the daughter will not leave the parents till the end.

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