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Monday, 11 May 2020

Carrie's income increased as she got a discount in the lockdown, find out what the price of the box is

Junagadh: Lockdown in Junagadh is having an effect of relaxation and mango income in the yard is increasing.

Today the yard had a revenue of three thousand boxes and the price per box was around three to seven hundred rupees.

Along with saffron mangoes, Hafus mangoes are also seen in the yard. However, due to non-availability of labor, the monopolists are having difficulty in delivering mangoes from the garden to the yard.

Mangoes, which are eaten once a year and are considered the king of fruits, are seeing an increase in revenue.

 Carrie's income was affected by the lockdown, but Carrie's earnings rebounded after the May 3 release from the lockdown.

Three thousand boxes of mangoes arrived at Junagadh subyard and the price was around three hundred to seven hundred rupees per box. Carrie's income has risen since the lockdown and is still expected to grow in the coming days.

 However, due to non-availability of laborers to unload the mangoes from the orchards, the traders who have a monopoly on the orchards are still facing difficulties and they have to bear some losses.


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