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Sunday, 10 May 2020

90% Corona Extermination Without Lockdown In This Country- Find Out What The Remedy Was

On the one hand, countries like the US, China, Italy and India are battling coronavirus. In that, South Korea has become a country that has found a way to overcome the disease without any vaccines, antibodies and LOCKDOWN. Offices and museums are opening in South Korea with many types of guidelines. The road is not so crowded but it is not as quiet as before.

Preparations are underway to open the school in May alone. There have been about 10,000 cases of coronavirus in South Korea, of which more than 3,000 have been cured. Only 30 new cases have been reported in the early days of May. In fact, South Korea has used the 3T model to fight Corona.

Cases of coronavirus and related diseases are on the rise in India. And the number of infected people has crossed 52 thousand. To stop this, the government has imposed a nationwide lockdown till May 17.

If a country is not ready to fight the threat, it may have to return to a state of lockdown. It simply means that the government should take care of its own health problems and be prepared to the extent that it can handle any situation. South Korea did not enforce the lockdown. The mall and shopping complex were also not closed but there was a lot of emphasis on testing and isolation. Now there is no increase in the number of new cases. Museums, libraries and offices are opening.

Traffic on South Korea's roads is not normal, but South Korea is said to have made progress in the first phase. High schools will open from May 13 and other schools from May 20. Since March 16, the number of active cases in South Korea has been declining. On some days in April, the number of new cases was only two or three. Only 30 new cases have been reported in the last five days in May.

On the 9th, the number of new cases was only seven. Schools and colleges are opening in South Korea. So far 10,822 cases have been reported in South Korea. Of these, 256 have died and 9484 have recovered from the coronavirus.

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