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Friday, 22 May 2020

6 corona patients from East Kutch get leave

Gandhidham, Ta. 22: Corona's rage has increased in Kutch after people came from Mumbai. In which the number of patients from East Kutch is more. While 35 patients are currently undergoing treatment at Hariom Hospital in Adipur, the health system has been given partial relief as the first six patients were discharged today.

After a young man from Budharmora village in Anjar taluka tested positive for corona, 29 people who came in contact with him were quarantined at Lilashah Kutia in Adipur. Among them Mukesh Satwara, Archana Satwara, Meet Satwara, Ramesh Satwara, Vijay Manani were found to be infected. In Anjar, 65 patients, including accused Prakash Amarshi Bhil, who was caught with SOGA cannabis, tested positive for corona. All these patients were kept under treatment at Hariom Kovid Hospital in Adipur.

However, after 6 cases came together, the number of infected patients in Kutch has been steadily increasing. All of these patients showed no symptoms during the 10-day treatment. And the health of all remained stable. Patients were constantly monitored for coughs, sneezes or other problems

He did not show any additional symptoms for 10 days. Mohit Khatri said. District Health Officer Dr. Premkumar Kannar, Dr. of Hariom Hospital. In the presence of Anju Rani and other staff, the patients were given a shower of flowers with applause. A 9-year-old boy was released from the hospital with renewed vigor. All of these patients will be kept under home quarantine for the next 28 days for safety reasons. An antibody rapid test will then be performed.

They will be able to get along with other people if they do not show any symptoms. The health system has been relieved by giving leave to the first 6 patients of East Kutch. However there are still 29 active case patients under treatment. Taluka Health Officer Day. Dinesh Sutaria, in-charge of Hariom Hospital and co. Administrator Day. Payal Kalyani, M.D. Physician Dr. Mohit Khatri, RBSK Nodal Officer Dr. Bhavin Thakkar, Dr. A team including Bhanwar Prajapati is 'working in the treatment of Corona patients.' '


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Stay home and protect the country from the Corona virus , We will continue to provide you with the necessary information about the Corona virus.

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